Meet Maria and Matt, our nutrition and mindfulness experts. We’ve partnered with them to bring you monthly wellness exercises and delicious recipes to fuel your adventures.

Chef Maria Hines
A James Beard award-winner for Best Chef Northwest, Maria blends her commitment to seasonal, local, and certified organic ingredients with her high standards for impeccable service at her restaurant and catering company, Tilth. Open 2006 - 2020, Tilth was named one of the best new restaurants in the country by Frank Bruni of the New York Times.

Maria was also named one of Food & Wine magazine 10 Best New Chefs and competed in “Top Chef Masters” before going on to win Food Network’s “Iron Chef America: Battle of Pacific Cod.”  She was also a semifinalist for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in 2013.

Marie’s Peak Nutrition Cookbook reveals her connection to the idea that food is medicine. This comprehensive sport’s nutrition cookbook, co-authored by Mercedes Pollmeier, focuses on foods that heal and increase mental and physical performance.

With her online nutrition coaching business Mazama Nutrition, Maria helps people stay active and live their best lives through healthy, nutritious, and delicious eating. Her personal active lifestyle includes 20 years of rock-climbing experience, a few marathons, cross country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking.

Matt Walker
An experienced mountain guide and a psychologist, Matt Walker has spent the last 20 years leading expeditions throughout the world. His purpose is to help his clients learn from the adventures they experience on his trips and apply these lessons to their personal and professional lives. His unique perspective connects mindfulness, adventure, and personal leadership to support his belief that there is adventure in everything, and it should be part of your everyday life. 

Walker is the author of ‘Adventure in Everything’ and the focus of a full-length documentary ‘Adventure Calling.’ He is also a contributor to Psychology Today and Yoga Journal. He lives in the North Cascades with his two children and their mountain pup, Dio.