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Sport Shop

Sport Shop: Eddie Bauer Sport Shop is our exclusive series of premium field and fishing gear that is built, tested, and perfected by our team of renowned guides.
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Ninety years in the making

Eddie Bauer opened his first Sport Shop in 1920 with one goal: to outfit the American sportsman and sportswoman in the finest gear. In 2012, we return to this tradition with the introduction of the next generation of men's and women's hunting, fishing, and shooting clothing.

Today's Sport Shop line is the right mix of technology and tradition. It's what Eddie himself would wear today. Each item is built, tested, and perfected by our team of renowned guides. Nothing goes to market without their approval. Born in the field, Eddie Bauer Sport Shop is the newest thinking in design, fit, fabrication, and construction. From the Original Outdoor Outfitter.

Built with Guides

Eddie Bauer himself had a long tradition of working with field experts, which is why we are the only outfitter in the industry who crafts each product exclusively with our team of guides. Every shooting jacket and fishing vest incorporates our guide team expertise and approval.


At Eddie Bauer, we follow Eddie's original mantra - if we can't find something better, we will build it ourselves. Every item bearing the Sport Shop shield is:

Tested by our guide network and launched with their seal of approval.

Designed with all aspects of the field experience taken into consideration: fit, fabric, mobility, comfort, function, style, and safety.

Built to last, and last long. This is gear that will be worn by many generations to come.

Engineered with the same attention to detail and ingenious spirit that Eddie exemplified patenting America's first down jacket, outfitting the first American to summit Everest, and supplying generations of explorers, hunters, mountaineers, and adventurers from 1920 until today.


The same thought, attention to detail, and guide-built expertise that goes into our Men's line also goes into our Women's Sport Shop line. In homage to Stine Bauer, our women's shooting, hunting, & apparel is built to be highly functional and is designed specifically for a woman's fit.