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Every Labor Day Eddie Bauer closed his shop for five months to go
hunting and fishing. But he was not playing hooky. Eddie was field-testing everything that he made, gathering feedback from the local guides who lived in and counted on the gear he sold. Because well-crafted gear wasn't just his business, it was his passion.

Born on a small island in Puget Sound, Eddie learned how to fish for sport—and for the table—before he could even ride a horse. He took his first deer at age 15, just five years before he opened his first store on Seneca Street in downtown Seattle.

In the fall of 1927, while hunting on Bodie Mountain in northeastern Washington, Eddie Bauer met the love of his life, Christine "Stine" Heltborg. On February 21, 1929, they married, and from that day on Eddie called her "my wilderness companion.

Stine matched Eddie stride for stride all over the hills and wetlands of the Pacific Northwest. She fished the lakes, streams, and bays with him, and went on to win the Washington State Women's Trapshooting Championship. Eight years in a row. Her passion for the outdoors gave women across the Northwest their own highly accomplished role model.

Bauer's Sport Shop quickly became the gathering place for Seattle's best outdoorsmen, mainly because Eddie hired only experts to work for him. This approach was part of his dedication to superior service, and it helped him to create cutting-edge items like the first down jacket patented in America.

Today's Sport Shop is a tribute to Eddie himself, his embrace of the outdoors, and that first store. We specialize in making premium hunting, fishing, and shooting apparel, such as jackets, pants, and vests. All designed as a modern take on the Eddie Bauer legacy.

In homage to Stine, we also offer functional women's hunting and shooting items designed to fit the female body. Each piece is constructed with an emphasis on technology, tradition, and style.

Our Sport Shop collection is truly guide-built and guide-tested. We work with field experts such as John Burrell to develop everything you need when you are outdoors. Nothing goes to market without his approval. And like everything in Eddie's original shop on Seneca Street, each piece is guaranteed for life. Because what worked then still works now.