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Using the Website

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Searching for items on our site

Searching for an item on our site is easy!

You can search for an item by either clicking on a category or by typing keywords in the "Search" field on the upper right-hand side of each web page.

Search by category

To browse quickly through our selection of products click over the category of your choice (Women, Men, Shoes & Accessories etc.). This will allow you to choose from our entire product selection for that category.

Search by keywords

To search the entire website you can search by entering a keyword such as style, product name, catalog item numbers or a general word or phrase in the "Search" field.

When doing a keyword search, it's best to use brief words, such as "cardigan," "khaki" or "pants." This will help us search for a more complete list of possible matches. If the item has been included in our online selection, you'll see it listed there. If not, you'll get a message saying "We're sorry, no matches were found..."

When using an item number, be sure to type it exactly as it appears in your catalog. For example, if you wanted to locate a pair of women's loose-fit jeans, you would type W11 999 1253 and click on "Go".

If your search finds that no matches were found, it is most likely an item we currently do not display the item on our site, but it might be available to order. To check availability you can email us. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, and the item number you are inquiring about. We'll find out and let you know. Or, call us at 800-426-8020 and we'll be happy to check availability.

Can't find a certain item online

Our apologies for making you search so long!

One of the reasons you may be having trouble is that the item you're looking for could be sold out, or back-ordered. The best way to look for something is to use the "Search" field. Just remember that you'll get better results if you use a specific word about the item you are looking for, like "denim" or "shirt."