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Packhorse Drover Hat

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Packhorse Drover HatA good, 100% fur felt, wide-brimmed hat, will last for years. Once it’s trained to your head, it will provide shelter from rain and sun, help water your horse, and fan the fire. In the early days of the West, a hat of this quality and style was an indicator of who you were – and even what your line of work was. Our hat would have identified the wearer as someone who knew how to handle herds of stock and horses in numbers, such as a packstring. Handmade, one at a time, with authentic side-brimmed styling. The bull-hide patterned hat band is also individually handmade, fit to each hat, and adjustable for a custom fit.Eddie Bauer - EST. 19203.799999952316284
Packhorse Drover Hat