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Mesh Solid Socks, 3-Pack
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Exploration Baseball Cap
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Active Socks, 2-Pack
Mineral GreenSky
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Fisherman Hat
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Exploration Hat
$30NEW!Travex IconFreeShade™  
Trail Socks
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Low Profile Socks, 2-Pack
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CoolMax Boot Socks
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The ultimate in everyday, all day comfort. Performance stretch nylon/spandex makes these pants easy moving and easy packing. Exclusive FreeDry™ advanced moisture management ensures optimal comfort and quick dry convenience....
Lightweight, packable, and breathable, our Travex tank top features our FreeDry™ technology to provide moisture wicking, quick drying comfort. With FreeShade™ UPF 50+ sun protection, it also shields your skin from damaging UV light....
Ready for adventure, from climbing rocks to hiking urban trails. Polyester/spandex fabric provides performance stretch for comfort and excellent shape retention. Exclusive FreeDry™ technology ensures efficient moisture wicking and quick drying. FreeShade™ provides UPF 30 sun protection....
Our Travex wrap is made of a lightweight, performance stretch fabric of polyester/Tencel lyocell/spandex. Easy packing and wrinkle resistant, it has FreeDry™ advanced moisture management that wicks moisture and dries quickly. FreeShade™ UPF 15 sun protection helps shield your skin...
Lightweight shorts, built for wherever adventure takes you. FlexIon performance fabric of lightweight nylon/spandex delivers four way stretch and easy pack, easy wear, easy care performance. Exclusive FreeDry™ technology ensures moisture wicking, quick drying comfort. FreeShade™ UPF 50+ sun protection...