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Saving A Life

January 22, 1992

You are looking at a beautiful piece of equipment! This parka was originally purchased in 1973 by my father for use in the “windy city.” I was two years old. Little did he know that 18 years later his son would use that very parka in the environment it was designed for…the Arctic.

During the last year I have been living in a remote wilderness cabin in northern Manitoba, Canada. The cabin is without modern conveniences and the nearest town is 125 miles away. Under such conditions one rule prevails…have the right equipment!

The first week of our stay became a six day struggle for survival. Last January our bush plane slid to a halt on a small frozen lake, the cabin sat quietly on the bank of a meandering river three miles away. The temperature was 35 below Fahrenheit as we broke trail toward our home to be. The hike was supposed to take three hours…six days later we found the cabin. During those six days my partner and I realized how merciless the North could be and how important that one rule is. Our very first night was spent in a small shelter constructed of spruce boughs with the temperature recorded at 60 below.

I can look back now and say with a great degree
of accuracy that your parka saved my life.

Even though it was eighteen years old it survived one year of violent winds, 50 below temperatures, and rugged terrain. To make a long story short, I field-tested your parka to the fullest and I will say that it made my stay in the far reaches in the North a comfortable one.



Valparaiso, IN